Friday, 2 October 2015

Teachers’ strike Dominates September Google Search Trends

Google Search Trends reveals that the just suspended teachers’ strike was highly searched in the month of September in Kenya.

The five week strike show many Kenyans surfing online to seek information on its status.
Actress, blogger and Kenya Airways stewardess, Nana Gichuru – also known as Kanana Gichuru – was the second Google trending search.

Nana, died in a tragic car accident on the Eastern bypass after her BMW convertible saloon car had a head-on collision with an oncoming lorry.

A week prior to her death, she had posted a quote on social media that was viewed by many as a premonition of her death.

Dr Mugo wa Wairimu, also known as James Mugo Ndichu, is accused of allegedly sedating and raping women in his clinic, and was the third most trending search in the month of September.

This was after an investigative series that exposed the alleged happenings in Wairimu’s clinic.

The Capital One Cup, commonly known as the League Cup, came in fourth on the top 10 trending searches.
The league, which is a football competition played by teams in England and Wales, drove football fans online as they wanted to keep up with the league’s match fixtures and results.

The  Rugby World Cup, which is men’s rugby union tournament contested every four years between the top international teams, was the fifth most trending search.

Google Logo History, after Google launched a new logo on September 1, 2015 and Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar following the release of hit television series Narcos.

The “What is” question category seems to be pushed more by searches by students for meaning. Most of the questions are classroom-driven . What is weed  captured the first position under the trending ‘What is’ searches category followed by: What is liberalism - as they sought to understand the meaning of this political philosophy; What is humanitarian - as they went online to find out more about the moral concept; What is climate - as users went online to gather more information on climate change; What is mitosis - as  they wanted to find out more about the biological process through which cells separate into two identical sets of chromosomes and What is poetry - which points to the need for internet users to understand the form of literature. Other queries under this category included: What is composition, What is voltage,  What is tumblr, What is dope and what is refugee.

In the ‘How to’ category, the trending searches  , ‘How to focus’ featured as the number one search while How to photoshop was number two. Kenyans also searched for How to write, How to trust,  How to print, How to incorporate, How to trade, How to apologise, How to save and How to lie.

Trending searches
1.      Teachers Strike
2.      Nana Gichuru
3.      Mugo wa Wairimu
4.      Capital One Cup
5.      Rugby World Cup
6.      UEFA Champions League
7.      Anthony Martial
8.      Kenya vs Zambia
9.      Google Logo History
10.  Pablo Escobar

Top ‘what is’ Searches
1.      What is weed?
2.      What is liberalism?
3.      What is humanitarian?
4.      What is mitosis?
5.      What is poetry?
6.      What is a composition?
7.      What is voltage?
8.      What is tumblr?
9.      What is dope?
10.  What is refugee?

Top ‘How to’ Searches
1.      how to focus
2.      how to photoshop
3.      how to write
4.      how to trust
5.      how to print
6.      how to incorporate
7.      how to trade
8.      how to apologise
9.      how to save
10.  how to lie

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