Friday, 25 September 2015


The Federation of Kenya Employers has welcomed the ruling by the Employment and Labour Relations Court to suspend the teachers' strike and for public schools to be reopened by Monday September 28th.
FKE said that the ruling would provide for negotiation between Teachers Service Commission TSC and  teachers' unions; therefore get a lasting solution as it suggested there be dialogue between the parties.

'This has been one of the longest strikes in the country and had confined millions of school going children to miss out on their rights to get an education. The impact of this strike on the future of these children has been felt by everyone as it relates to the quality of our future workforce,' Gilda Odera Deputy National Chairperson FKE.

Ms. Odera reiterated FKE’s position that all avenues of resolving the dispute using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for mediation have not been exhausted.

'FKE welcomes the call for dialogue by the Court and has already been in talks with the highest levels of government and the TSC with a view to mediate in this dispute',  she continues.

During an exclusive interview Baraka FM Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo said she was angered by the fact that issues of pay raise and strikes would adversely affect children's opportunity to get an education.

'We insist that those who will lead these mediation talks should take responsibility of bringing wholesome solutions so that teachers do not go back to strike after 3 months. Th talks should start immediately to avoid any time wastage.  This will also reduce  chance of the parties going back to court to resolve their issues, Ms. Mugo told Baraka FM.
On Friday morning the Employment and Labour Relations Court has ordered teachers to suspend strike for 90 days and report to duty.

During the ruling Justice Nelson Abuodha also ordered the government to pay teachers their September salaries.