Friday, 25 April 2014

Digitised IDs project to continue-President Kenyatta.

Even as a heated debate continued in the country over digitization of national identity and registration of Kenyans, president Uhuru Kenyatta has insisted that the project will continue.

In his recent address when he toured Doha, Qatar the president said digital registration of persons would help Kenyans to easily get their IDs when they are 18.

“There is no reason why someone should hop from one government office to another seeking for something that their right. We want to put a system in place where when a child is born they should automatically get a birth certificate, “Kenyatta said.

He urged women to give birth in hospitals saying it would ease registration of persons.
“There are no maternity fees in public hospitals. So it is advisable to visit these institutions rather than give birth at home, “ he said.

With registration during birth, Kenyatta said, children would be able to automatically get national IDs when they are eighteen years old, without undergoing the long cumbersome process that is currently under use.

The government had earlier set aside eight billion shillings for digital registration of people in what it said was to reduce insecurity in the country.

The decision came after a crackdown that netted hundreds of illegal migrants, most of who have since been prosecuted and deported.

Opposition politicians have however criticized the new plans for digitization of IDs, describing them as a plan by government to rig the 2017 general elections.