Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Jaguar to resign from NACADA

Musician Jaguar real name Charles Kanyi has given some arms of the government an ultimatum of two weeks to carry out investigations on the alleged corruption goings-on in NACADA or else he resigns .

Jaguar who sits in NACADA as a board member, wants CS for Interior Joseph Nkaissery, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the CID head to carry out investigations on the corruption matters.

There have been allegation of misappropriation of 99 millions by NACADA to fund NGOs that help curb drug abuse.

However in the recent past Chariman John Mututho made allegations that out of 119 NGOs being funded only 19 can be accounted for.

' I have not let the president down. Rather I can serve him on other avenues. I would rather start my own NGO to rescue youths from drug abuse rather than sit it a board that literally puts such funds in their own pockets,' concludes Jaguar.

President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed Jaguar as board member through a gazette notice on 21st April 2015.